Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lost Luggage

A 12year old girl can't do anything so wrong that she carries the blame for the rest of her life. No matter what she's told. I'm returning that luggage to it's rightful owner. I've already started. Recently there has been blame laid at my feet for something I had nothing to do with. That problem started long before I came along. She can have it back.

I've told certain people to "get bent". I would have liked to shove other things down other throats, but that just wasn't an option. I am, however, finding that I NEED to get my hiney to the gym. I don't know why I always forget how much I like burning off my anger through exercise. Though a good and angry tango would work too.

Back in the spotlight

Saturday night, I danced for more than just fun in a very long time. I had been asked to join the Dance On Air dance team to perform at the Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation Spring Gala. It is held at the State Capitol. Black tie party. Very fancy. I saw a few soldiers in formal uniform. Lots of ballgowns. The theme this year was Cinco de Mayo. Made perfect sense to me considering what the date was Saturday. As a result, we were asked to do a lot of Latin dances. The cha cha was my first dance "back in the spotlight", so OF COURSE I forgot a huge chunk of the dance. The rumba and salsa that followed were much better. I figured I couldn't screw up any worse than I already had. That final bow was my favorite part of the night. All the dance team members stayed for the dancing and food. I discovered I quite enjoy mojitos. I also discovered marble has no give and I bounce when I walk into marble. Mojitos are quite medicinal. You can rest the glass on your shoulder and then drink it occasionally. Yes, there is a large bruise. Yes it hurts.

Last night I had just a regular dance class. Though, I was at a loss for what to do afterward. The last few weeks, I've had rehearsal after class until close to 11pm. Last night, I was home by 8pm! I kept getting up and wandering around aimlessly in my house, because I didn't know what to do with myself.

There is some thought being given to having the dance team get together for Summer Twilight, a small competition held by Dance On Air. I do hope there will be. Otherwise I will need to start taking donations to purchase a ballroom gown. Those babies are not cheap!