Sunday, February 28, 2010

boo hiss

i don't like this one bit. I'm going to miss everyone except for the 45 minutes i'll be allowed online. i can guarantee y'all this won't improve productivity. it'll just make us all crankier. and i can now say that since i won't be blogging at work anymore. hmph.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

a letter to my bad day

dear bad day,

it was a valient effort you made in trying to make my day horrid. first with the drivers who couldn't decide on what speed they wanted to go, then with the spilled chai while putting my cinnamon in it, and finaly my entire venti chai latte spilling all over the rest of me just before i walked into work. but thanks to friends like princess mikkimoto and susan mercedes, and then all the yummy food at work's breakfast potluck (yes, my quiche was a hit -- they ate it all!) i'm finding it hard to care about you anymore. i know you'll understand. we just can't be together today. in the effort to leave you with a positive comment, please try again another time. things like being on time for work make your job just too difficult. i'm sorry. can we still be friends?



p.s. on second thought, i'd rather not be friends with you. don't take it personally. it's not you, it's me.

p.p.s. wait, it IS you. you understand. please do not contact me again.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

from this point forward...

i hereby banish drama from our lives.

coz frankly i'm sick of it. i have had enough of it to last 10 lifetimes. i am done. done i tell you!

we'll have no more of you, drama. begone. leave and never return.

i know, it's a bit over the top. but, that's what i feel like i need to say. it's my space, i can do that.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

oh the drama!

i have to say, i'm pretty happy i'm not a tween anymore. monkey is having trouble with her bestie, beatrice. it seems there was a misunderstanding. poor monkey is flumoxed. she has apologized for her end. she told beatrice she would like one in return for the hurt she caused monkey. unfortunately beatrice doesn't seem to think she needs to offer one. monkey says she's always been the one to have to apologize when they fight. my advice was for monkey to let beatrice know, again, that she is truely sorry for any hurt she's caused but that she would like an apology and that she still wants to be friends. i'm sorry to say that i think this might be the end of them as besties. monkey has put up with a lot from beatrice lately. this might be it if beatrice can't unbend. i feel bad for my monkey. she's a sweet, caring, sensitive girl. i hate to see her in pain because of friends.

*update: i have changed monkey's bff's name to respect her privacy.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

problems? no, not really

so now that i'm doing the whole "better living through chemistry" (for the record, i did pick up more meds, thanks for y'all who worried), i've discovered i don't have as much to say.

i'm leading a pretty boring life. funny though, i don't feel bored. i go home after work and i hang out with monkey. we watch our shows. we do the laundry. we play with the cats. we play spider solitaire and try to beat each others' percentages. i have grand plans of painting our bedrooms and finally getting the house cleaned. these are long term plans.

ok, so maybe it's not boring to me and just boring to others. that's fine. i'm not asking you to live my life. i like what's going on in my life right now. it's good. i'm dating vicariously through princess mikkimoto and sizzlesays. i'm vicariously being a mom to a baby (he turns 1 this saturday -- happy birthday little dude!) of sweetie-pie. and i'm pregnant, vicariously again, through barbie. she's due in april. it's a boy. i'm ecstatic! so i'm having fun in my own way.

not to worry internet. i'll keep you updated. i'm sorry if it's not exciting for you. things always change. who knows. right?