Thursday, April 16, 2009


what would any of us REALLY do with 3 extra hours? duh... SLEEP! 3 extra hours would mean i would finally get right amount of sleep, every night, and i could stop feeling like crap every day.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

sweet crunchy snack is NOT what i think of when i think of her...

copped from ChopSuzy's FB page:

Crackerjack, Mad Rolling Dolls co-founder, past GM, coach, star
skater, crowd favorite and current WFTDA president, needs your help
and support.

She’s in a legal battle with Frito-Lay, which bought the Cracker Jack
Brand. F-L is challenging her effort to trademark her Derby name
“Crackerjack”. She needs to do this so she can be an avatar in the
Frozen Codebase Roller Derby video game.

This is a huge corporate giant trying to squelch a derby girl. We
can’t just sit by and let this happen, can we?

Last year Starbucks tried to squelch the Rat City league for trademark
infringement, claiming the logos were too similar. Rat City got
Starbucks to back off. Let’s do the same to Frito-Lay!

Here’s how you can help CJ in this brawl:

Send a message to Frito-Lay letting them know that you and all your
fellow league members and fans will boycott their junk food for the
rest of your natural lives unless they drop this frivolous legal

Go to and sign in and do it!

Messages you could incorporate:

1. Crackerjack is a one-word noun or adjective that refers to an
exceptional person or thing. Cracker Jack is a sweet and nutty treat.
No one would mistake a roller girl for popcorn!

2. There are thousands of members of Roller Derby leagues in the
U.S., and they have tens of thousands of fans. If Frito-Lay pursues
this frivolous legal action, we’ll all boycott all Frito-Lay products
and encourage our friends and everyone in our social networks to do
the same.

3. Given the popularity of modern Roller Derby, if Frito-Lay were
smart, they would drop this silly legal action and sign this gorgeous
and articulate young athlete as a spokesmodel for their product and
watch their sales figure skyrocket.

If you don’t have time to write your own message just copy this one:

“Crackerjack is not a sweet and nutty treat! She is a roller derby
star athlete. Stop this legal nonsense, or, trust me, I will never
buy another Frito Lay product. If you had any sense, you’d sign this
gorgeous and articulate skater on as a spokesmodel for your product
and stand back and watch your sales skyrocket.”

Go to and sign in and do it!

Then send this info on. Post it to your myspace and facebook pages.
Twitter it. E-mail it to your friends in other leagues. Let’s go
viral and help CJ win against the Walmart of tooth decay!

(the actual blog post that started this campaign: AND the post that grabbed our attention:

Thursday, April 9, 2009

keeping in touch from oregon, wi to savannah, ga

i met him at the beginning of october last year. i wasn't looking. i was actually dating (casually) a friend of his, who ended up encouraging us to get together.

the senator lives too dang far away. i miss him. a lot. i need to go see him again. i think within the next couple of months.

i'm going to start planning the trip. ;)

Monday, April 6, 2009

whoops, 'scuse me.

(this is actually me! i'm dancing a foxtrot with my teacher.)

*grin* i'm famous for my lack of grace OFF the dance floor. apparently, i'm so graceful (so i'm told) while i'm dancing. but i can trip literally the moment i walk off the dance floor.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

stuck in an elevator with the senator

the senator
duh, he's the bf. that should just be common sense. sheesh.

silver b
because as much as i love the senator, he can't dance yet. silver b on the other hand is a FABULOUS dancer. plus he could teach the senator a thing or two.

*silver b is a misleading name. he's at the gold level, but "gold b" just doesn't have the same ring. sorry bud, you'll always be silver b to me. ;)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

simple questions...

when ever i ask the co-worker something i think is a simple question, we always get into it. and i hate it, because he always feels the need to have the last word and is so obtuse he can't hear when you're telling him the conversation is done because you want to punch him in the face.