Thursday, April 2, 2009

stuck in an elevator with the senator

the senator
duh, he's the bf. that should just be common sense. sheesh.

silver b
because as much as i love the senator, he can't dance yet. silver b on the other hand is a FABULOUS dancer. plus he could teach the senator a thing or two.

*silver b is a misleading name. he's at the gold level, but "gold b" just doesn't have the same ring. sorry bud, you'll always be silver b to me. ;)


Becky said...

trouble in paradise dear?

zeghsy said...

yes and no. yes because the senator lives too damn far away. no, because in spite of that, we're ok. i think. silver b is a good friend i met at showcases in the past and i had the opportunity to spend some time with him over the weekend.