Wednesday, April 30, 2008

because of the name only

and i'm not allowed to actually have tequila anymore. at least, not in shot format. this has not been tested in margaritas extensively enough.

i changed my template. i'm bored. it's wednesday. what do you want from me? actual content?! yah, read another blog for that. this is mostly so i don't get too irritated and kill jm.

holy crap. my cat is bathing. somehow she makes that sound like a washing machine from the 70's that (somehow!) still works. i remember those. they were noisy hunks of metal.

*snapshot tequila -- but honestly it's JUST the name i like.


dear powers that be where socrates works,
please give him a free weekend when i have a free weekend, so we can get together and spend some much needed time in each other's company. please. (see how nicely i asked?) thank you.
trying hard not to be cranky but feeling like i'm failing miserably


thank you socrates. it sucks that this weekend may not work for us. *sigh* lord knows i have plenty to do. either at my house or make some of it portable and take it to yours. even if you do have to work this weekend...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

how does it happen?

you go from the best weekend you've had in a while, to a great monday, to tuesday. this tuesday is kind of 'teh suck'. i don't like. there isn't enough caffeine. my food doesn't taste right. i'm just generally pissy. then i find out an online-friend had a miscarriage. tears.

totally 'teh suck'.


how could i completely forget that i even got to mess around with the argentine tango too! talk about fun. oh and hard... no nice staccato moves like with the regular tango. it's all soft and slow and sexy. rarr...

Monday, April 28, 2008


ah the quick step... how i love thee. sure, i'm just learning it and i don't know it very well at all. i can "do" it with dr. d and maybe socrates could lead me through it. but... that's probably it. the same seems to go for viennese waltz.

tuck the tail in. gotta remember that. it makes following either of those so much easier.

quick text from socrates letting me know he got home safe. i worry. i'm a worrier. it's what i do. it's who i am. what do you want from me?

rollup thinks i'm funny too. who knew i was this hilarious? i'm just a laugh riot. guinness and fire at his house last night and getting to see agnes was so good. i miss that little bearded lady. plus when she falls asleep on my butt, it's just too cute.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

la la la lala

what a blast! salsa with socrates is easily the most fun i've had at a latin club ever. he's so easy to follow and just SO much fun to dance with. being easy on the eyes and SO fun to flirt with doesn't hurt either. what makes it even better... he likes me too! (insert silly high-school girly sing-song humming here. totally! omg i know!) i danced with one other guy. no dude, you may not put your hand on my ass. we danced the song already. i couldn't follow you for shit. the song is over. we're done. good day. i said good day. besides. socrates was waiting for me. the rest of my dancing was with him. and it was perfect. he even showed me this killer pattern that i have to work on for the next time we go dancing together. (maybe next weekend?!?!)

Saturday, April 26, 2008


dancing tonight? oh please yes. socrates called to ask where some good salsa clubs are. i should call the karaoke queen and ask her. she knows all the really good ones...

oh and texting for 2 hours AFTER i went to bed just seems silly. but that's what rollup and i did last night. i feel a little dorky for it, but it was still fun. :)

dinner with friends

especially a best friend that you haven't seen in about two years. yes we work in the same city. yes we live in the same area. life gets in the way. he has a wife and two beautiful daughters (congrats on your first communion a! and happy early birthday!!!). i have the monkey, dancing, and i'm single. sure my time is more flexible than his, but i'm just as busy. what i love about mm is our ability to meet for dinner, and our conversation picks up like we'd just seen each other just the day before. by the end of dinner we had laughed so hard we both cried and my sides hurt. hopefully the next time we get together it will be much sooner than two years. i did mention the upcoming june showcase. he thought a would be interested in going too. i think she'd even like trying out some ballroom.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

pink and white

i went and had my nails done tonight. i got the "pink and white" fill. (yes, i have fake nails. mine don't grow pretty and damnit, i like having pretty nails!) i don't think i like it. first, it's horrendously priced. second the pink looks geigh on me. my natural nail beds are just not that pink. also, i'm not happy with the quality of the work. how soon can i go in and tell the owner (i like her work!) that i'm not happy with this style. (insert crinkled nose "ick" look here.)

country seldom heard from

socrates called last night. he vented. co-workers, friends, and exes. they got equal time. at least "the plague" didn't take him. he's an unhappy sick person. granted, i don't know anyone who is happy when sick, but he was in a particularly cranky state. but, he's hoping to come to my neck-of-the-woods this weekend and wanted let me know that he'd like to see me, if i'm available. yay! i miss him. he's a blast to hang out with.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

so its not blonde...

and it's blurry. bradley always makes me feel absolutely relaxed and beautiful. thank you sweetie!

not yet

well, i didn't go blonde. we talked about it though. if i'm going to do it, then it will take some doing and preparation. i have 8 weeks to decide what to do next.


do i do it? i have this urge to do something drastic, different, and definitely sexy. but blonde? that's pretty different. pretty drastic. and the last time i was an honest to god blonde, i was younger than the monkey is now. the biggest thing... what if i totally hate it?


i deleted a post from monday. i was way too venty and bitchy. okay, not 'way too', but definitely over the limit by a couple of miles. anyway, the problem is mostly resolved and i'm gonna play mostly dumb. should that situation arise again with the person in question, i will do my best to act in a calm and rational manner and calmly and rationally explain that if i'm ever stood up again his dancing lesson will come to a profound and abrupt end. possibly with my heel in his foot. but that remains to seen.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


or maybe it was just good old-fashioned conning. not sure. somehow i paid money to get to wear an unattractive t-shirt, just so i got to wear jeans. okay. good one guys, you got me. i wore the shirt. i paid the money. somehow i still feel like i came out on top though. I'M IN JEANS -- AT WORK!!!

i'm on top of the world!

Friday, April 18, 2008

the wet look

it's raining. from the sound of it (back in my hole), kind of hard. hopefully i won't end up looking like a drown rat by the time i get to dance tonight.

still no word from socrates. :( i hope he's doing better than the last time i talked with him. fingers crossed.

i'm going to rush (as fast as the rain allows) home. pick up the monkey and take her to j-ville. then come back to mad-town for dance. and no food babies in my belly to stop it!!! i still feel full from last night.

cute for cute-sake #2

this little friend is the latest wallpaper here at work. he (she? i can't tell!) is an african pygmy hedgehog. he's about the size of a hamster. and ever so cute!!! snugglies!

still not reason enough to drive like an @$$

just because there's an earthquake in west salem, il does not mean you people can drive like freakin' morons. the left lane is not and never has been for slow traffic. so get the hell over so i can get around your poky ass. grr...

despite all that, *eyeroll*, i'm in a pretty decent mood. there's dance tonight. i slept for real last night. i got my state refund deposited this morning and it's pay day (money = YAY!). also, rollup sent me a text last night wishing me a good night. hehehe...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

au gratin instead of hustle

the potatoes au gratin won out over dance class. ugh.


my frustration levels are staggeringly high right now. i am quite sure i'll need to go to dance class tonight. it's the hustle. that'll lower it. (i hope.)

work related injuries

i cut myself. on the paper cutter. by accident. it's about the size of a paper cut. but it's on the knuckle and we all know how not comfortable those are. so i'm wearing my hello kitty band-aid. it's not bad enough to report. i'm not in danger of losing the particular phalanx. this is the most exciting thing in my day thus far. whee.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

witty remarks

just watched three episodes of that mitchell and webb look with the monkey. i always have the silly and witty things they say running through my head. none of it makes sense to what i'm doing at the time. i love numberwang. best. game. show. ever. jm tried figuring out the rules of the show. um... the rules are... there are no rules. it's a freakin' comedy show. what i think is funny is that s requested two more. i also made her sit through a new amsterdam. there's something about john amsterdam (nikolaj coster-waldau) that i really like. yes, he's devastatingly handsome but... there's something else about him. i'll figure it out. just give me time.

weird but good combo #1

i'm gonna start a special section for this. i have a feeling it will grow exponentially.

rice cakes and salmon cream cheese

fire drills

i know they're safety precautions. but would you honestly walk calmly out of the building if it was a real fire? would you check all the offices and rooms on your way out? or would you panic, grab your shit, and run? i'm putting money on the fact that it's everyone for themselves.


i broke a nail. it's horrible. okay, it's not that bad. i just chipped the corner. and i'll probably have time to get it fixed tonight after work. this is (so far) the worst thing to happen to me today. there's been the standard irritants to my morning. stupid drivers, annoying co-workers, etc... and now this. this kicked the stupid drivers and annoying co-workers off the top of the bad stuff list.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

ooh, too scary

i love doctor who. i even got the monkey to love the newest one. but tonight we were catching up on some we'd dvr'd and started watching "blink". its the episode about the crying angels. those things are nasty, mean creatures. i haven't been able to finish watching that episode. the monkey started crying and we decided to watch some ncis figuring a nice crime scene would be a lot more funny than the creepy angels that send you back in time.

one day, i'd love a key to the tardis. i am such a nerd.

it's like outfits

i changed my layout and template here. i liked the other one, but this is a little more "fun". and given how the weather seems to be improving, i like fun. :)

rollup sent a text last night. i was, sadly, already asleep. still no word from socrates, but he's sick, so i'm not surprised or disappointed. i'm not sure what's happening on either front, but i'm just going to try keeping my mouth shut, my inane questions here, and see what happens. wish me luck.

last night i got to work more on the quick step.
heel, toe. toe. toe. toe, heel. heel, toe. toe. toe. toe, heel. collect.
that's (i think) two patterns. this is going to take A LOT of work, and i'm quite sure won't be ready (in my opinion) for either of the summer showcases. *sigh*

oh and happy tax day.

Monday, April 14, 2008

cute for cute-sake #1

this is currently my wallpaper at work. i had to post it. i mean, c'mon. the cuteness is staggering. i, for one, welcome our new cute-tastic overlords.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

fun and interesting weekend...

FUN: friday was dance, as usual. talked to socrates. he's got the plague now too. get better soon babe. get some rest too. saturday, derby. res dolls won! kick ass at finals ladies!!!

INTERESTING: got a text from a friend i hadn't heard from in a while. good to hear from him. after derby, had a drink and some food, then watched an hilarious show. frisky dingo. so bizarre. and yet so funny!

also, finished my taxes. yes, i waited a freakishly long time. but they're done. and thank god for that!

Friday, April 11, 2008


i don't have much time. gotta run back up front. i'm pretty sure the time up there will fly by though. there's stuff to do and my mind is otherwise occupied. yes, that's right. i will be completely geeking-out for the duration of my afternoon and into this evening. i'm sure we can all guess why, so spelling it out isn't really necessary. it's too bad socrates won't be able to see me. i look hot. *sizzle* hehehe...

yep, complete dork.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

my very own money guy

i want one. one who will always be around, making my money work for me, but letting me play with what i want, whenever i want. and i mean ALWAYS. you hear about those women who's husbands have always handled the money, so they don't even know how to pay the phone bill after something happens to him or the marriage. the lazy/scared of money part of me desperately wants to be one of those women BEFORE the bad stuff happens. alas, not to be. when i was married, i had to be in charge. i mean, i'm bad with money. he's worse. still. so, now it's time to refinance my mortgage. mostly because the interest rates are so "fabu", but also coz i need to figure out how to get myself a new car. arguing with kitty now to just let me in the damn door has finally pissed me off to the point that i can't be nice to her now. so, it's refinance, then buy. new or used, that is the ultimate question. papa thinks a second mini in the drive would look sharp. fun to drive, but impossible to take anyone other than the monkey anywhere. why can't money be easier to deal with? i don't get all that talk... fixed, a.p.r., wha? and who the hell thinks i want to go from an 8% rate to 11.14%? what, are you completely crazy?!?!

rapid changing topic thursday?

that last post started one way and veered off in another drastically different direction. not surprising, that's kind of how my mind has been lately. just plodding along and BAM! i'm off on some tangent that has absolutely nothing to do with the previous thought.

so i made a list. it's long. it's not pretty. but it does have stars, asterisks, arrows and dates. those are always fun. there's even rules for me to follow on it.

we'll see how well this goes. i read an article that said that lists were only good if you actually scheduled the tasks on them. you know. ACTUALLY DO THEM. who knows, it might work.

thar she blows!

i vent. a lot. about everything. if i'm not venting about a particular issue, be afraid. it usually means it's worse than you think it is. however, the venting does seem to subside for a short time right after i've eaten. yum, sushi. it was eel today. now i'm having cinnamon life cereal®. dry. i can't decide if i like it better dry or with milk. either way, it's yummy.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

yay sleep!

i slept last night! granted it was drug induced, but after two nights in a row of not sleeping, i get more than a bit worried. if i get too revved about something, my brain won't shut down long enough for my body to rest. after almost a year of being excited about getting almost 4 hours of sleep in a row (usually considerably less than that) i'm willing to induce sleep occasionally.

i do wish sometimes i wasn't such a night owl, because it takes me a good two or three hours to truly wake up.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

turning point

i just realized this morning, while walking into my therapist's office, that the weekend of showcase was WAY better than i thought. meeting socrates, while very cool and made me extremely happy, was really just the icing on the cake. coming to the conclusion that i was having a great time before meeting him despite the fact that "they" were there and was even having a great time because "they" were there as part of the group, just totally made my whole week.

yay me!

4:30 am?!

crap. in bed by 10pm. awake at quarter to 1. awake until 1:30. awake AGAIN at 4:30. gave up trying to fall back asleep at 5. my alarm just went off. it's 5:30am. by the time i actually get to work, i'm going to be f'in tired.

i'm supposed to work at the studio tonight. but i won't be. papa has cards, so the monkey and i will do some laundry i think. good clean fun. i'm so funny at 5:30. plus, i think we'll get her back in her bed tonight. i love snuggling with her, but the elbow in the face does become a tiny bit irritating. how someone that small can take up so much space i will never understand.

Monday, April 7, 2008


snapping up my cha cha. good, good. and then throw me right into the quick-step. wha...!? man that was fun though. i can't wait for next monday. wish i had the money for two lessons a week. but then i'd want three... maybe socrates will be willing to help me.

so not true

according to this, the monkey is the only hell i've ever raised. sure she's cute and is quite the handful to anyone who knows her, but the ONLY hell i've ever raised. come on, i'm bad for morale. i'm one of “those girls from that school.” we all know that i can lean toward trouble.

mostly i wanted to post this, coz she’s so darn adorable.

drunk dialing

there is a point at which my phone should be taken away from me. i don't exactly know why i called js at 3am, but i must have had a really good reason. it's too bad i miss him as much as i do. sometimes f.n.t. syndrome is not as much fun as people tell me it is.

p.s. please don't allow me tequila again. i'm a complete idiot after some of that.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

where's my ring?

toddlers getting married!?!?! wtf! see guys, this is why you proof the important papers BEFORE handing them to your boss. *eye-roll*


i love the friend that no matter how much time passes between hanging out together, when you get that chance it's like you were never apart. my comfortable friends are the best. cr, i love you buddy.

Friday, April 4, 2008

holy $#@%!!!

over $500 for a new alternator and battery?! gah! car shopping here i come. yuck.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

now where did i put that...

it's your glasses. or the phone. or the remote. or the milk. you can't find it. you've looked everywhere. it's not possible for it to just pick up and walk away, yet it's no where to be found. "zeghs, it's in your hand." *hangs head* five whole minutes spent looking for the damn milk. and i'm holding the container in my hand.

your phone? your mobile? the one you're talking to me on, socrates? that phone you can't find? at least we can laugh about it. :) the milk was funnier, you know it was.

but i don't want to go shopping...

on the way home tonight, the car died. it's time to give serious thought to getting a new one. *sigh* i don't want to shop for a new car. more, i don't want to have to shop for a car loan. i was happy not having a payment. sure, kitty is in really decent condition considering she's older than s and i've put an amazing amount of miles on her. but i want to be able to get in the car the first time i go to unlock the door. not the fifteenth, after arguing with it.

if money wasn't an issue, i'd go for something snazzy. but it is. so... think practical. i like dad's mini. a lot. and i've been driving it a lot more lately (shakes fist at kitty). the only problem, even a used mini is still a bit out of my price range. i think.

but let us not forget the only really important thing about a car. the color. absolutely NO YELLOW. ick. orange is out too.

tomorrow i make the call about some money. bleh.


is this thing on? well, here it is. first post. and promptly nothing to say. well, rather, trying to find the right thing for a first post. yah, i guess this is good enough.