Thursday, April 10, 2008

my very own money guy

i want one. one who will always be around, making my money work for me, but letting me play with what i want, whenever i want. and i mean ALWAYS. you hear about those women who's husbands have always handled the money, so they don't even know how to pay the phone bill after something happens to him or the marriage. the lazy/scared of money part of me desperately wants to be one of those women BEFORE the bad stuff happens. alas, not to be. when i was married, i had to be in charge. i mean, i'm bad with money. he's worse. still. so, now it's time to refinance my mortgage. mostly because the interest rates are so "fabu", but also coz i need to figure out how to get myself a new car. arguing with kitty now to just let me in the damn door has finally pissed me off to the point that i can't be nice to her now. so, it's refinance, then buy. new or used, that is the ultimate question. papa thinks a second mini in the drive would look sharp. fun to drive, but impossible to take anyone other than the monkey anywhere. why can't money be easier to deal with? i don't get all that talk... fixed, a.p.r., wha? and who the hell thinks i want to go from an 8% rate to 11.14%? what, are you completely crazy?!?!

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