Thursday, April 3, 2008

but i don't want to go shopping...

on the way home tonight, the car died. it's time to give serious thought to getting a new one. *sigh* i don't want to shop for a new car. more, i don't want to have to shop for a car loan. i was happy not having a payment. sure, kitty is in really decent condition considering she's older than s and i've put an amazing amount of miles on her. but i want to be able to get in the car the first time i go to unlock the door. not the fifteenth, after arguing with it.

if money wasn't an issue, i'd go for something snazzy. but it is. so... think practical. i like dad's mini. a lot. and i've been driving it a lot more lately (shakes fist at kitty). the only problem, even a used mini is still a bit out of my price range. i think.

but let us not forget the only really important thing about a car. the color. absolutely NO YELLOW. ick. orange is out too.

tomorrow i make the call about some money. bleh.

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