Sunday, April 27, 2008

la la la lala

what a blast! salsa with socrates is easily the most fun i've had at a latin club ever. he's so easy to follow and just SO much fun to dance with. being easy on the eyes and SO fun to flirt with doesn't hurt either. what makes it even better... he likes me too! (insert silly high-school girly sing-song humming here. totally! omg i know!) i danced with one other guy. no dude, you may not put your hand on my ass. we danced the song already. i couldn't follow you for shit. the song is over. we're done. good day. i said good day. besides. socrates was waiting for me. the rest of my dancing was with him. and it was perfect. he even showed me this killer pattern that i have to work on for the next time we go dancing together. (maybe next weekend?!?!)

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