Monday, April 28, 2008


ah the quick step... how i love thee. sure, i'm just learning it and i don't know it very well at all. i can "do" it with dr. d and maybe socrates could lead me through it. but... that's probably it. the same seems to go for viennese waltz.

tuck the tail in. gotta remember that. it makes following either of those so much easier.

quick text from socrates letting me know he got home safe. i worry. i'm a worrier. it's what i do. it's who i am. what do you want from me?

rollup thinks i'm funny too. who knew i was this hilarious? i'm just a laugh riot. guinness and fire at his house last night and getting to see agnes was so good. i miss that little bearded lady. plus when she falls asleep on my butt, it's just too cute.

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