Saturday, April 26, 2008

dinner with friends

especially a best friend that you haven't seen in about two years. yes we work in the same city. yes we live in the same area. life gets in the way. he has a wife and two beautiful daughters (congrats on your first communion a! and happy early birthday!!!). i have the monkey, dancing, and i'm single. sure my time is more flexible than his, but i'm just as busy. what i love about mm is our ability to meet for dinner, and our conversation picks up like we'd just seen each other just the day before. by the end of dinner we had laughed so hard we both cried and my sides hurt. hopefully the next time we get together it will be much sooner than two years. i did mention the upcoming june showcase. he thought a would be interested in going too. i think she'd even like trying out some ballroom.

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