Monday, December 29, 2008

hello babies :)

why was this not an option when i had the monkey 11½ years ago? taiwan has a hello kitty® themed maternity hospital. omg! i want to have more babies there. :) do you think the senator will be alright with that idea? i'd be willing to pop out the four he thinks he wants, if we have them there.
® ® ® ®

Thursday, December 25, 2008

"bridge may ice before road"

every time i saw that sign, i giggled. they have ice in savannah? maybe in their glasses, but not on their roads.

dec. 12
the senator is working at the bakery right now. i'm supposed to go there and he said he'd get me some breakfast. i think lunch is the proper term for it now. :) he'll be there until 3pm (est) and then i have no idea what he has planned. i know we're supposed to go meet a bunch of his friends tonight. tomorrow night he has to work at the boar's head and i think i'm having dinner there as a result. he gave me a book on savannah's squares and there's a map in it. he marked where his place is, the bakery and where the boar's head is. i may go wander a bit. we went for a little walk on the way to get dinner last night. i was totally lost. :D
i got lost. walked right past the bakery because i didn't know the name of it. duh.

dec. 14
i've seen plenty of horse drawn carriages here. haven't taken a ride in one yet. maybe today. we have the whole day to ourselves.
yesterday, the senator had to work at the boar's head. while he was working, i wandered around around river street and did a smidge of shopping. after the sun went down, i went back to the restaurant and waited for it to slow down enough for him to make me some dinner. yum. it was well worth the wait. first, i had two caesar salads (they had a couple big parties and made too many salads). for an appetizer, i had peach bbq shrimp wrapped in bacon. then he made me blackened cajun mahi-mahi with cajun tartar sauce and fresh snow peas and their own basmati rice blend. as a special treat, chef bill made the senator something with shrimp, asparagus, red bell peppers, and spaghetti. it was super yummy, whatever it was. i was so full, i could even walk around when the senator was done with work. i needed to go home and lay down. so worth it though.
i was so full, it hurt. and we ate like that the rest of my holiday. oof. it's great having a boyfriend who is a chef, but i need to not eat quite so much when i'm only visiting or i'll get fat, right quick.

i didn't want to leave. it was absolutely beautiful and everyone i met was really nice. plus, i'm completely smitten with the senator. it's mutual. i can't wait to see him again.

cathedral of st. james the baptist

cathedral of st. james the baptist

cathedral of st. james the baptist

cathedral of st. james the baptist

sign for cathedral of st. james the baptist

making pralines

the georgia queen

bridge to south carolina

tabby paving -- made with shells

this beer is 'teh yum!'

jack daniel's chocolate pecan pie

rreeaallyy big ship

they have buds on the trees, in december!

the senator

ms. zeghsy -- i'm not super fond of being in front of the camera

mr. harley

the senator's street

i want this house!

if you know the song, you'll get this photo ;)

i love this yard


apparently i just needed a better photographer

the senator and me at clary's (made famous in "midnight in the garden of good and evil")

outside custard boutique

outside the mercer-williams house (as in johnny mercer's family; no mercer ever lived in this house however)

merry christmas

and a happy new year to you all!

(or if you prefer, happy eid, happy hanukkah, happy kwanza, and/or happy festivus!)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

7 days and counting!

i'm going on holiday. an actual holiday. i will be visiting the senator in his neck of the woods. without family. obviously i'm totally stoked over getting to see the senator. i haven't seen him since october, when we met. but there's a part of me that is more than a bit excited about going on holiday WITHOUT MY FAMILY. i have never gone on holiday, EVER, when it wasn't a family event. there will be food and pictures and lots of fun!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


roughly, how many blogs do you read daily? i currently have 207 blogs in my reader, with 1,000+ posts to read from them. i just can't keep up... i've tried weeding them out. *sigh* i miss the days when i would go to v e r y p i n k,®, cuteoverload, and icanhascheezburger various times during the day and play way more farm hustle than anyone should be allowed to play. okay, i really want an answer from you. i'm freaking out. over 1,000 is too many. i can't handle the pressure.

i'm trying, really i am

honestly. i want to stay in a good mood. in 8 days i'm going to visit the senator. when i go, i don't want there to be any stress from work bothering me. so, i'm making an effort to remain "happy". today seems to be a struggle. there are so many factors that are really pushing for me to throttle someone.
sadly, i can't go into detail about the many things. given everything going on, i can't afford to be dooced. however, jm is riding his high horse again. could we please remind him he's the low man on the totem pole in our department as well as things like vacation requests are still first come first serve. if you wait too long to request it, you may not get the days you want. DUH!