Monday, December 29, 2008

hello babies :)

why was this not an option when i had the monkey 11½ years ago? taiwan has a hello kitty® themed maternity hospital. omg! i want to have more babies there. :) do you think the senator will be alright with that idea? i'd be willing to pop out the four he thinks he wants, if we have them there.
® ® ® ®


The Senator said...

hmmm... technically they'd be Taiwanese then. Open one here in the US and I'd be all for it. ;-)

zeghsy said...

you really want our babies to be able to be president, huh?

Becky said...

FOUR! Yikes!!

zeghsy said...

i think it's already been vetoed. if that's the case, he doesn't get that many. two at most. hmph.