Friday, May 30, 2008


at the studio. i don't really have anything to do at the moment. i'm waiting for a double lesson to finish, so i can come out from hiding. yes, i'm hiding in the back room. you wanna make something of it? i didn't think so.

i feel like i'm waiting for something else to happen. i have some ideas. but specifically i can't put my finger on it. it's there. in the wings. hopefully with flowers. i like roses, if you were wondering.

born to be reservoir dolls

these ladies are going to tear up the flat track one day. mouse has promised to teach the monkey (a.k.a. lil' doll in derby circles) everything she knows. one day, it will be my girl who is the best jammer! and the newest member of the team is b'dinkadink. watch out, they'll steal your heart... and your wallet!

sk8 cr1m3!!!


i love balloons. i mean really, who doesn't? these are left over from a little "in house" sale. i get to keep them now. yay!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

signs you're getting older?

when picasso and i fall asleep on his couch. we were supposed to be watching family guy. seriously i had a beer, he had maybe 3 (he's a full foot taller than me and has at least 60 pounds on me). can we blame the show we were watching? neither of us "got" many of the jokes that were on those particular episodes... i'm choosing to place blame on our choice of programming. not beer consumption. not age. and certainly not the fact that it was after 1am when we woke up from our "nap."

Thursday, May 22, 2008

so there i was

sitting on my bed, minding my own business, crying because i'm a sucker for a good love story. cali is curled up on my hello kitty pillow, snoring. marti just finished cleaning one of his feet, settles into a comfortable position, lets out a big sigh. five seconds later, he farts. strangely enough, no smell. thank the gods! then, at ten to two, i decide the story is too long for me to finish (sitting #2!) then, so i put away my lappy 486 and turn off the light. that obviously means it's time to wake up, do laps around the bed, attempt to get into the closets, jump on my bladder, talk, play, TAG YOU'RE IT! i finally fell asleep at 2:30.

socrates called too, during all that. i'm pretty sure i won't see him this weekend. sucky. but he's coming down here next weekend. salsa bitches! well, that's what he said, anyway. but... suckier still, he's going to be in dayton, ohio the weekend of the june showcase. crap. there has to be a way to cram tons of socrates time into small spans of time. i'll figure it out. but don't expect me to show my work.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

def con 3

i don't know why i get as nervous as i do, when socrates says he's going to call but doesn't. i mean, he's a grown man, he's more than capable of taking care of himself. i just know that i'm more than my standard level of worried when he doesn't call.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

shh, i'm reading

i'm reading the book socrates suggested. i have to wait until the monkey is in bed, because i can't seem to concentrate enough on it while there's background noise. i tried reading it at dance last night. i knew i was reading the words, but they meant nothing to me. self help books are so "bleh" that way. it's good, don't get me wrong. but i have a stack of fun stuff to read. new fun stuff. do know what a draw that is to me? i leave telly unwatched to read new fun books!

socrates called last night, because he said he would. he'd almost forgotten and went off to play poker, but then remembered and called. thanks sweetie, i think. he was all excited when i referenced the book he wanted me to read. how adorable is that?

why do i have to be such a girl that when socrates does something sweet and thoughtful, that even though i know it's sweet and thoughtful and can acknowledge it as that, that i STILL look deeper. WHY? it bothers me. a lot. i'd like that to stop now, please. i find it irritating in me.

Monday, May 19, 2008


i work 1st. he works 2nd. i'm struggling to stay awake by the time he leaves work and can call me. he then feels bad for calling and waking me up. when are we supposed to talk about this?

open mouth...

insert foot.

i'm pretty sure i wouldn't feel like this if i didn't meet guys who were actually interested in me.

Friday, May 16, 2008


coz it rhymes with wishes...

i wish k-lese was coming to help me clean my house this weekend. I'M DOING IT THIS WEEKEND. and i wish i had thought to ask her (months!) earlier to come help. i have to get it done before socrates starts to wonder why i never invite him to my house. the house will be empty (well, except for two cats and a really annoying dog) so that's my plan.

now i've made it extremely official too. i've told you.


*this is basically the exact email i sent k-lese. it was so cute, i had to post it.


*duh moment*

yep. i have them. a lot. no really, i mean A LOT.

i just realized why no one had any comments for me on my pointless babblings. they couldn't leave them.


it's fixed now. :)


i love the warm fuzzies i get from socrates.


socrates, when i told you it was okay to call me anytime, i meant it. YOU can call ME, ANYTIME. don't feel bad when you call and i'm already asleep and it wakes me up. ahem, we live 2 hours apart. we work different shifts. if we want to talk, sometimes sacrifices must be made. waking up to talk to you, is a sacrifice i'm more than willing to make. i am. really. honestly. SERIOUSLY.

Monday, May 12, 2008

pros and cons

socrates doesn't have internet at home and his job doesn't exactly allow him to sit in front of a computer all day/night like mine does.

pro: his job keeps him physically active and i have officially decided his butt is way better than silver b's is. (yes, i've informed socrates of this fact. no, silver b is as yet unaware -- unless socrates says something to silver b.)

con: it seems silly to send him emails that he might read in, say, two or three months. so we don't have the opportunity to talk that way.

pro: he won't know for a while that i talk about him. a lot. a lot A LOT.

not having the internet sucks for him (and me when i visit), but if it's keeping him from knowing about this for a little longer... that's probably okay.

yes mom, i will tell him. just not tonight.

case of the mondays

i have no good reason for feeling this way. i just would have much prefered spending the day in bed or with socrates. it sucks he couldn't come down for finals. it sucks that he'll be out of state this weekend (congrats to his sis on graduating though!!!). it sucks that i'll have to wait until memorial day weekend to see him. at least we hope we can get together... long distance sucks sometimes. i miss him. and it's coloring my view of today.

i want to go dancing. now. hmph.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

derby chicks rock

finals night for the 2008 regular season. *sniff* i'm sad it's done, glad we'll rest a little, and already anxious for the next season. the monkey WILL be a skating mascot if i have to force her to practice skating all summer long. including chasing her around with a big stick just so she practices. res dolls lost. boo. next year it's ours again. no matter what, derby bouts are always so much fun. i love those girls so much. thank you guys, for everything. last year was tough for me, but it felt so good coming back to you. all the hugs and love. you're the best.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

ugh late nights...

first the stupid dog runs away. i mean, away, away. ususally he runs around the neighbors' yards and laughs in his dog fashion. nope last night, he just took off. loser. he decided to come back. at twenty minutes after 3 in the morning. normally, at that time, i would have been asleep. not last night. first i exchanged several text messages with socrates around 1:30am. then he called me just after 3. he can't come down this weekend. i'm disappointed. and then next weekend he's going out of town for his sister's graduation. *sigh* two whole weeks without seeing him. i miss him.

Friday, May 9, 2008

aw yeah...

jeans. on me. at work. and i'm not getting dirty. aw yeah...

i love my cat

really i do. but i'm not above kickin' her furry fat arse when she spends the entire night banging my blinds. all night long.

and of course this is the look i get from her. she's all, "what? leave me alone." i love you cali, but you try my patience and i'm not feeling terribly friendly toward you right this moment.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

what's the hubbub, bub?

well, "bub", the hubbub is that starting this friday, the office staff at work NOW GET TO WEAR BLUE JEANS TO WORK. mind you, it's not actually stated that it's forbidden to wear them now in the handbook, but we get reprimanded if we do.

the exact email: "Believe it or not, El Presidente has finally decided to approve casual Fridays and allow jeans to be worn in the office. Way to go Prez!"

*names have been changed to protect the innocent, mainly me.

today's TODAY

yay for dooce®!

irritations for today

i woke up to marti asking for pets this morning. that's not an irritation, that was nice. the irritating part was when i realized it was only wednesday and i stayed up late trying to finish 'eldest' when i didn't have the time to spare this side of sleep. hmph. plus, i'm missing dooce® on the today show! it hasn't aired yet. i'll find some linky action when it does. :) go heather!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

you got where when?!

yep. 5am. appleton. saturday morning. i could have watched the sun coming up over hwy 41 if it hadn't been so damn cloudy. i went to see socrates this weekend. he had to work a bit saturday and all of yesterday, so we hadn't planned on me going to visit. yet, somehow the conversation at 1:30am went from "i wish i didn't have to work, i'd really like to see you," to "well, i really want to see you, so it's up to you," to "when are you leaving madison?" i didn't end up leaving o-town until 3am (in tears because marti still wouldn't come out from under the stairs). no dancing for me. just movies and socrates. i did read "way of the peaceful warrior" yesterday, while he was at work. yes, the whole book. it's not very long. then i popped in the movie to see the differences. i liked the book better. i usually do.

when there's something i want to say to him, but i know i shouldn't, and i feel like i'm lying almost by not telling him; how do i explain the crying?

Friday, May 2, 2008

so scared.

poor little buddy. it'll get better soon.

I don't like it.....

meet marti. he's the newest member of our household. as you can see, from the photo, he's not a fan of riding in the car. but, he's my bestest buddy and i'm so happy to have him here.

the great dog hunter has arrived. but he's afraid... of my dog?! oh buddy, what did they do to you?

constantly waiting

i've just spent the morning remembering why i'm not dating the douche any more. i'd really like confirmation on whether or not i'm actually taking possession of the item previously discussed. i replied, as i said i would. even a read-receipt would be nice.

ugh, he's such a douche.