Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy to be home

Ah, my bed. So good to be in it. Happy to have my kitties cuddling me. I'm enjoying the storm from inside. I will sleep very well tonight. Really looking forward to that. But what really makes me happy is hearing Monkey laughing at some video a friend sent her in her room. That can make anywhere feel (sound) like home. Pretty sure I missed her a lot. Like crazy a lot. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Me

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Today, I turn 41 years old. I don't feel 41. I'm not sure how old I feel. Monkey turns 16 on Monday, that should make me feel old, right? Oddly, it doesn't. I feel like we're just getting closer.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I have this thing for fruit for my lunch.

Further adventures of #asshat the coworker

Today, as I crashed Office, again, this time doing the very next thing beyond logging in, something snapped. Either I was going to bang my head in my desk until someone stopped me or I was going to string up the coworker. Just how long does it take to set-up a computer? I left early yesterday and it still took him until noon today to even begin putting it in my office. And then another hour and a half just getting it to work. Funny though, it hasn't crashed since. Hmm, maybe I do know how to research too and know what's going to work once in a while. I'm not just pretty. 

His customer service is crap. I keep expecting him to shout, "Move!" at me and sit down at my desk and start pounding on my keyboard. I can guarantee y'all, that won't last long with me. If the new IT Director doesn't see his bullshit and make him correct it, it's going to get ugly fast. Because I will say things. Like how he smells like a dirty ashtray in a small closet. And if he stinks up my office again, I'm buying him an air freshener to wear on his person. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

God-sized Dreams

I was married before I knew who I was. It was a small church that wasn't mine. It was filled with people who loved us, but doubted our choice for marriage. The reception was in a dive bar. But it was what we could afford and what we thought we wanted. A year and a half later he chose to leave me. I let him go because I didn't want him doing anything he didn't want to do with his whole heart. Especially when it came to me and our baby girl. It has been almost 15 years, many failed relationships for me, a second failed marriage for him. Just before the new year, he chose to come back to me. He had long since apologized for his mistakes and we had become friends, at first for our daughter's sake, then for our own. I realized I never stopped loving him, and I've long since forgiven him for his mistakes. We all make them. The key is to learn from them. We're taking things slow, but I feel better about things this time around. Much better. I know who I am more, I'm more confident in my choices, and I know how to fight for me. Maybe one day we'll make that trip down the aisle again. Doing it the right way. I dream too.