Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Big D, and no I don't mean Dallas

I want a divorce. From my work husband. (No silly Internets, I'm not even dating anyone, let alone married anymore.) Back to the work husband. I can't stand him. I no longer find him amusing or smart. I never thought he was attractive. He's irritating and I want to not be around him anymore.

This makes me feel like I complain a lot. Particularly about him. But I'm not allowed to throw heavy objects at him. I have to let it out some how, right?

In any case, I want him gone. Or me, whichever ends up being easier for me. He gets all jealous when I've started dating someone else. Or have mentioned (not to him, he eavesdrops all the freaking time) when I think someone else is attractive.

Someone at work mentioned that she thinks all this is because I'm in love with him. HA! Not even a little bit. If I was in love with him, I would be excited to come to work and see him. I loathe Mondays even more because I know he'll be there. I constantly wish for him to be home sick or have to be off-site all day. A vacation for him is a vacation for me.

I can not stand him and I want this over. Now.