Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Big D, and no I don't mean Dallas

I want a divorce. From my work husband. (No silly Internets, I'm not even dating anyone, let alone married anymore.) Back to the work husband. I can't stand him. I no longer find him amusing or smart. I never thought he was attractive. He's irritating and I want to not be around him anymore.

This makes me feel like I complain a lot. Particularly about him. But I'm not allowed to throw heavy objects at him. I have to let it out some how, right?

In any case, I want him gone. Or me, whichever ends up being easier for me. He gets all jealous when I've started dating someone else. Or have mentioned (not to him, he eavesdrops all the freaking time) when I think someone else is attractive.

Someone at work mentioned that she thinks all this is because I'm in love with him. HA! Not even a little bit. If I was in love with him, I would be excited to come to work and see him. I loathe Mondays even more because I know he'll be there. I constantly wish for him to be home sick or have to be off-site all day. A vacation for him is a vacation for me.

I can not stand him and I want this over. Now.


Sizzle said...

So what will you do about it? Can you be direct?

zeghsy said...

Sadly, I've already discussed this with him and our boss. Both separately and together. The only solution that has been offered is closing the door between our offices. Something that I had requested months before it actually happened. I have set a tentative goal of either leaving here for a new job or leaving to return to school. I think I've put my time in and it's now time to leave. He's not the only reason I'm ready to be done here, but he certainly is in my face the most.

for a different kind of girl said...

A few years ago, I got an unexpected divorce from my work husband when he transferred to another store. At the time, I was a little bit devastated. Hell, he didn't even break the news to me. I had to learn he was leaving from another coworker. It was like my coworker was the private eye who filled me in on what my work husband was doing when I wasn't around!

Anyway, I recently bumped into my ex and seriously, what the heck was I thinking?! That dude is annoying. The bad part is, you clearly have it worse. I hope you can get out at a good time for you.

zeghsy said...

This week is just bad, I think. It convinces me more and more that my time here may need to end soon.

Life with Kaishon said...

That is the worst! I was just laughing at one of my co workers and her work husband today : ) All they do is bicker ALL DAY LONG! : )

I am laughing my head off that today is National Guacamole day! Boy am I ever glad I came over here today! : )

zeghsy said...

I finally got fed up bickering. Now I just do a lot of eye-rolling when he opens his mouth.

Wow, I may have to celebrate National Guacamole Day. Hmm, do we have avocados at home?

The real L.A. love story. said...

i am glad to no longer be a part of the corporate world. i still work on the side as an independent contractor but this post just reminds me of all the b*ll i am not ready to deal with again!

zeghsy said...

I need to get off my behind and find a new job or go back to school. Suggestions for what I can be when I "grow up" are welcome.