Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Further adventures of #asshat the coworker

Today, as I crashed Office, again, this time doing the very next thing beyond logging in, something snapped. Either I was going to bang my head in my desk until someone stopped me or I was going to string up the coworker. Just how long does it take to set-up a computer? I left early yesterday and it still took him until noon today to even begin putting it in my office. And then another hour and a half just getting it to work. Funny though, it hasn't crashed since. Hmm, maybe I do know how to research too and know what's going to work once in a while. I'm not just pretty. 

His customer service is crap. I keep expecting him to shout, "Move!" at me and sit down at my desk and start pounding on my keyboard. I can guarantee y'all, that won't last long with me. If the new IT Director doesn't see his bullshit and make him correct it, it's going to get ugly fast. Because I will say things. Like how he smells like a dirty ashtray in a small closet. And if he stinks up my office again, I'm buying him an air freshener to wear on his person. 

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a keeper to me