Monday, May 5, 2008

you got where when?!

yep. 5am. appleton. saturday morning. i could have watched the sun coming up over hwy 41 if it hadn't been so damn cloudy. i went to see socrates this weekend. he had to work a bit saturday and all of yesterday, so we hadn't planned on me going to visit. yet, somehow the conversation at 1:30am went from "i wish i didn't have to work, i'd really like to see you," to "well, i really want to see you, so it's up to you," to "when are you leaving madison?" i didn't end up leaving o-town until 3am (in tears because marti still wouldn't come out from under the stairs). no dancing for me. just movies and socrates. i did read "way of the peaceful warrior" yesterday, while he was at work. yes, the whole book. it's not very long. then i popped in the movie to see the differences. i liked the book better. i usually do.

when there's something i want to say to him, but i know i shouldn't, and i feel like i'm lying almost by not telling him; how do i explain the crying?

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