Monday, May 12, 2008

pros and cons

socrates doesn't have internet at home and his job doesn't exactly allow him to sit in front of a computer all day/night like mine does.

pro: his job keeps him physically active and i have officially decided his butt is way better than silver b's is. (yes, i've informed socrates of this fact. no, silver b is as yet unaware -- unless socrates says something to silver b.)

con: it seems silly to send him emails that he might read in, say, two or three months. so we don't have the opportunity to talk that way.

pro: he won't know for a while that i talk about him. a lot. a lot A LOT.

not having the internet sucks for him (and me when i visit), but if it's keeping him from knowing about this for a little longer... that's probably okay.

yes mom, i will tell him. just not tonight.

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