Thursday, February 25, 2010

a letter to my bad day

dear bad day,

it was a valient effort you made in trying to make my day horrid. first with the drivers who couldn't decide on what speed they wanted to go, then with the spilled chai while putting my cinnamon in it, and finaly my entire venti chai latte spilling all over the rest of me just before i walked into work. but thanks to friends like princess mikkimoto and susan mercedes, and then all the yummy food at work's breakfast potluck (yes, my quiche was a hit -- they ate it all!) i'm finding it hard to care about you anymore. i know you'll understand. we just can't be together today. in the effort to leave you with a positive comment, please try again another time. things like being on time for work make your job just too difficult. i'm sorry. can we still be friends?



p.s. on second thought, i'd rather not be friends with you. don't take it personally. it's not you, it's me.

p.p.s. wait, it IS you. you understand. please do not contact me again.


Susan Mercedes said...

Just think, Thursday is foreplay for Friday. Sorry your foreplay sucks. :)

Again, thanks for the recipe. You're a doll. xo

zeghsy said...

it's nothing i haven't experienced before. tomorrow promises to be fabulous. monkey and i get to babysit for mr. dude again.

for a different kind of girl said...

Sometimes I find bad days try to come back around for some make up bad day action, but hold strong, lady! Hold strong!

zeghsy said...

It tried on the drive home. I passed it.

Ann's Rants said...

I have a name for day's like that...

A Grande Fuckacchino


zeghsy said...

that is so awesome! great name, ann.

Becky said...

Sorry I didn't see this until now. I'm as good of a friend as Thursday was.

But yes, thanks for the recipe!