Thursday, November 13, 2008

i'm ready

and surprisingly not panicking.

internet, i've met someone. he's about as perfect for me as you can get. which is to say, he's not perfect at all. he has flaws and has made mistakes in his life and chokes on his own toes a lot. and i'm completely gaga for him. he's never been married and doesn't have any children. he can't wait to meet my monkey though. he's a "cat person" and understands why i want to kill the dog on a a weekly basis (not because i hate the dog, but because the dog irritates me to no end -- no uproar needed). he knows about all my crazies and has already had to deal with a few, all with positive results. the coolest part of all of this, he feels exactly the same way i do.

i'm ready, internet. i'm jumping in, with both feet. eyes wide open. :)


Becky said...

YAHOO! I'm so happy for you!!!

zeghsy said...

*blush* thank you.

The Senator said...

This guy sounds like a keeper, do what you can to hold on to this one. A perfectly imperfect guy that looks for that in a woman in return is hard to come by. Make sure that he continues to think you're a keeper too. ;-)

zeghsy said...

yes. i want to keep him. and i fully intend on doing whatever i need to to do so.