Monday, June 29, 2009

"calgon, take me away!"

i love lists. here's my "to-do list" for the summer. here's hoping it doesn't stop at the beginning of school this fall.

  • clean my house: because if i don't, i'm going to want to burn it down or go completely mad. neither is a very good option.
  • spend as little as possible: i'd like to use what i have. sure the economy needs my money, but i don't have enough to give it lots. i'm realistic enough to know that i can't stop spending all together. i have a growing monkey and a shopping itch that needs scratching regularly. but i AM trying to be far more honest with whether or not i need something. will i actually use it? will i really wear it?
  • get back into shape: a couple of years ago, i lost a lot of weight. while i loved losing it, it wasn't done healthy. this summer i'd like to get my butt moving and get it back to where it was. i know i already eat relatively healthy (ignore the bag of pretzels at my desk) but i haven't been moving as much. the dog needs it. i need it. move we will.
  • clean my house, for real: did i mention clean my house? because it needs it. badly. anyone have an extra trash can i can use?


Becky said...

great list! Good for you! I need to copy all of those things!!!

zeghsy said...

i wish we lived closer. i wake up at 5:30 every morning (sometimes when i'd rather not) and i don't have enough motivation to get up and go walk (the dog).