Tuesday, November 10, 2009

color me

laura coulter

i would wear black. i always wear black. it's slimming (come on, who doesn't feel they could shed a pound or two). it suits almost all occasions. it can be dressed up and be straight up classy, or it can be just as comfy and casual as can be. most of my wardrobe is already black. as a plus, i look really good in black. :) i'm lucky enough to have a skin tone that is complimented by wearing black. sadly, i will never be a blond. funny side note: i was with another stylist -- mine was attending to a family emergency, never fear, i am loyal to my bradley -- and i asked matthew about going blond. he announced there is a shade of blond for everyone. "except you." to which i giggled, and everyone else in the business in the room looked at me, and agreed.

so i wear black.

*note: i WISH i had this dress. it is fabulous!


Jen on the Edge said...

I wear black all the time too. Not just because it's chic and slimming, but also because it means I don't have to think when I'm getting dressed or worry about everything matching.

Becky said...

I wear black so much that when people come over and look in my closet at all my black t-shirts they laugh and laugh. I believe some pictures have even been taken.

zeghsy said...

my only problem is when you wear it so much it fades to grey and doesn't match the rest of your black!