Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh The Unfairness of It All

Because it's going to be a gazillion degrees today, Monkey wore a very cute top and shorts to school. The top has spaghetti straps. They're not allowed at school. I'm waiting for the call from school. Not to bring her a different shirt, but because she is being insubordinate. She said if she was asked to change, she would tell "them" that the only way she would, is if they had anyone else wearing clothing that violated the dress code change as well. I told her I would stick up for her. this would not be the first time she's experienced this issue. Her friend had to call her mother to ask her to bring some pants, because she was told her dress was too short. She had dark tights on. Other girls on that same day, had shorter skirts/dresses and no tights. My daughter is one of the last people who dresses inappropriately. She understands fashion but has a sense of self worth that makes it so she doesn't feel the need to flaunt her body. She recently had a dance recital that one of her costumes she felt was too short. This all while she was wearing opaque tights and dance pants under the skirt (which had built in shorts). I'm sure there will come a day when I have to ask her to cover up before leaving the house, but thankfully, that time isn't now.

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