Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Long time no chat

So. How have y'all been? Anything new? Not much here. I mean besides giving the finally heave ho to an ex, getting back into competition, and new flooring in the Papa's man cave.

Man it felt good to chuck the ex too. I'm sure he thinks he had the final word, but in reality his word stopped having much weight long ago. And now anything he sends me goes straight to the trash unread and unopened.

It felt amazing to get back into competition. I had a nationally recognized ballroom judge tell me I'm too good of a dancer to look down. Me?! My feet were rubbish. But in my defense everyone's feet were rubbish Sunday. And to make things even better, the director of e studio I attend awarded me a small scholarship for lessons. Yes I cried. Happy tears though. Now I can work on those rubbish feet of mine. I think the best part of Sunday was having Monkey being there for me. It's the first time she's come to a comp with me. Walking off the dance floor to get a big hug from her felt like I won every heat I was in. Now we just have to figure out how to get her back out on the dance floor. She really misses dance. Oh, she finally got her cartwheel and round off in tumbling. So all the girls in her cheer team can do them in the routines. Yay!

Papa had new wood laminate flooring put in his man cave today. It's so much nicer than that nasty carpet the crazy lady who owned this place last had it in. That was just gross. But now I'll have to make Papa booties and socks before winter to keep his feet warm. And blankets for Cody too. Big dumb dog.

It was great catching up. Don't be such a stranger next time. say hi to the kids and hubs for me. Cheers.

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