Friday, September 7, 2012

Spoilers, sweetie

I just got finished watching some Doctor Who. Yes I'm a nerd. I thought we all knew that. Moving on. The Doctor makes me think about the strangest things. Like when am I going to get a sonic screwdriver. I am quite sure I would find one of those terribly handy. Fix all manner of things with that. Or why has American sentence structure gone so far from English sentence structure. And why we don't say brilliant or rubbish more often. Or torch. I'd be much happier if we called flashlights torches.

But then he makes me think about time and space.

And then I think I may not be able to settle for just some human man. But that I'll need a mad man in a blue box as well. I don't have a Rory. No Last Centurion for me. But I could be the girl who waited. But only for The Doctor.

Like I said. He makes me think the strangest things.

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