Friday, January 15, 2010

better living through chemistry

amen! i know the meds have helped me get over the whole stupid ex-boyfriend (who completely messed up my life and head) but now they seem to be actually helping my mood. i'm not so angry. i don't have that burning hatred of everything. there are plenty of things i still don't like, but i don't hate them. the co-workers for instance. one still gets on his high horse far too often for my liking, but this week... rolled right off me. the other one was sick this week. and it didn't bother me. let me repeat for those of you in the back. THE SICK CO-WORKER DIDN'T BOTHER ME. at all. i love my meds. i'm working at remembering to take them. before bed. so i don't notice the nausea one gives me. now, if only i had the money to actually get them every month. *sigh*

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furiousBall said...

i'm in the same boat amiga. i had to come off of anti-depressants because of job loss. i am applying for some state supported (I'm in NJ) healthcare for myself (my children are already covered). it's not just for folks that are unemployed or below the poverty line either, look into it if you get a chance. the insurance is better than i've ever had from ANY employer too! low copays and all that good stuff. hope you feel better.