Thursday, July 22, 2010

Toto, where's my sparkling vampire?

I drove into work this morning enjoying the rain, listening the my Twilight Saga soundtracks. Good fun, right? I thought so. Someone genius at work burned popcorn and opened the microwave door, sending us all out in the rain. I didn't even get to see any firemen. They turned it into a drill. Hmph. Then, I obviously wore the wrong shoes with all the tornado sirens we had going off. I should have worn the ruby red slippers. Then maybe I wouldn't have been stuck in a room with too many people. At least tomorrow is Friday. Jeans. Tennies. Comfy. I wouldn't even mind more rain.


Becky said...

HEY! You're back! YAY! (great post by the way. KEEP IT UP!)

zeghsy said...

aw thanks. :) *blush*