Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

Who here remembers the Pizza Pit tv ad (that they still air, YAY!) with the toy car and the kids singing "Let it snow"? Because of this weather, that's what's going through my head.

I'm sitting in bed, watching it snow out my window, thankful that Monkey's dance performance for this afternoon has been postponed until tomorrow night. Marti is curled up RIGHT behind my laptop (to enjoy the heat coming off it) -- he must be chasing something in is sleep, he's twitching something fierce.

I'm working on a new hat for Nana. Her actual Christmas present is finished, though I need to figure out how to wrap it. She bought a hat a few years ago from Urban Outfitters and it has since stretched out so bad that her glasses are the only thing that keeps it from covering her eyes. Bad design or poor quality. I've also never seen a hat that needed elastic in the brim of a knitted hat. Is that something that's is usual?

While I wait for Monkey to come home from her dad's, I've been watching movies. Last night was Inception (really well done!) and Assassination of a High School President (Patrick plays the president; is a family friend of my boss -- and he's such a cutie). Now to another movie.

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