Thursday, June 14, 2012

Confused... and a bit rushed

My dating life has pretty much blown of late. My options for meeting someone available, eligible, and worthy of me are slim. So I went and signed up for and OkC hasn't given me much. Apparently there is a difference between "available" and "single". I have been educated. The hard way. Weird and a little creepy. Particularly since NOTHING in my profile implies I would be ok with "available". *sigh* That's assuming they bother to read my profile. isn't terribly promising.

I just got an email from someone who said something I found more than a little rude. As of now, we have never met and I wasn't feeling the need to meet him the longer we chatted. He offered to pay for dance lessons for the two of us to take together. Without meeting me. Or even having a coffee date scheduled. In fact all he's done was suggest that maybe because I have no plans for the weekend we could maybe get together. And then he offers to pay for lessons. (Which for the record, aren't cheap -- by any stretch of the imagination.) When I emailed him back to thank him for the offer but decline, he responded that I'm negative and my fear is why I have no plans for my off weekends for the last 13 years.

Um, HUH?

Being the bigger person, I decided not to respond as I know it wouldn't be nice. However, I will be gracious enough to share my response with you all.

Dude. Really? I'm being negative because I don't want to accept a gift that is outrageous for you to offer at this point of our "relationship". We haven't met. I was chatting more out of politeness than anything else -- and the hope that maybe you would say something that would send me that spark that is very clearly missing. For the record, I don't want to meet you this weekend. And I sure as hell don't want to take lessons with you. I'd MUCH rather dance with my teacher or her husband or my dance partner from the last performance.

All in all, I think it would have been a fine response. But given his behavior, blocking him worked just as well. :)

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