Sunday, July 6, 2008

knitty nation

knitting 004, originally uploaded by zeghsy.

i kept typing knitty instead of knitting everytime i've tried to type about this. sheesh! my first attempt. monkey taught me. i'm stoked. i can knit.

lots of mistakes and do-overs, but i've been dying to knit since i started reading verypink.


Becky said...

Knitting is a great hobby! Good for you! It's especially great in the winter.
I have made many a scarf but I have no idea how to make anything else...

Looks like you are on your way!

amy said...

Oooh, congratulations!
I've also never made it past a great many scarves, but just the thought of knitting is satisfying.

Anonymous said...

A fellow single mom AND knitter!

Glad to have found you :)