Monday, July 21, 2008

weekend recap

friday, dress rehearsal. i think i stopped shaking after drink 5. i was at the bar by then. *sigh* but i got to see two good friends that i haven't seen in a while, and flirted shamelessly with my favorite bartender. since it's mutual flirting, it's lots of fun. :) it never hurts that he loves knowing i ballroom dance. who'd have thought that's such a turn-on for a non-dancer? stayed up way too late talking with him.

saturday. at bar time friday, i'd gotten a text from socrates saying that he was coming to see his family and wanted to see me. i spent the day sleeping and drove to mineral point to see him that night. it's SO SO SO nice to show my rehearsal video of my foxtrot to him. i get 6 years of teaching ballroom advice, all to myself. tips shared: look in the direction of my traveling spins, keep my head outside partner (almost) in my pivots, core core core. did i mention he said to keep my core toned? coz he mentioned it. nothing like getting pointers in teeny bar in mineral point, wi. we gave them something to talk about though. :) food for conversation.

sunday. slept again most of the day. i didn't get home until 4:30 in the morning. speed called when he got home from his tubing trip with his cousin. he was hungry. after being awake for about 5 minutes, i discovered i was too. grabbed some eats. sir hobo's is not as bad as the name would make you think. watched 300. violent. but yummy digitally enhanced bods.

now i'm suffering for my play. i'm so tired and my sinuses are killing me. oh well. i can rest when i'm dead. :D

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