Monday, July 14, 2008

out of the woodwork

standing outside the studio tonight, chatting with loud, (omg i love her bicycle!) when who pulls up but the sergeant. i haven't seen him in forever. wow... he's redeploying in a few months. more worry.

socrates called saturday night. he didn't sound good. i hope he talks about it with me. i worry about him. a lot. i think he forgets how important to me he is. i can understand. he's dealing with a lot of things. stuff i wish i could just make go away for him. i know he has to do it himself. but i'm not sure how often i'm allowed to remind him, i want to hold his hand so he knows he's not alone. plus opposite shifts and being two hours apart ($4.07 a gallon! wtf!) doesn't make it easier.

speed and i went to the art fair on the square, saturday. we made it through most of it before we decided we were done. i bought my mom a mug. pink. with a flamingo. she'll love it. :) we looked a lots and lots of very cool stuff. we definitely like the photographers the best. then i made him go to the cardinal with me. he was reluctant at first but we ended up having a great time. i was good and remembered to introduce him to everyone. i'm usually really bad at that. the fun continued... sunday after lunch, we took what ended up being a 3 hour nap. WHEW!


loud said...

I think it's funny I didn't recognize sergeant with his shirt off. I'm not usually in the camp of "a man looks better with his shirt off" - even the really really good looking ones look just as good in clothes. Last night has made me rethink my thought. Damn!

zeghsy said...

he does look really good with his shirt of. i had kind of forgotten how good he looks like that. *sigh*

zeghsy said...

off... i meant off. he looks really good with his shirt OFF. see, even now i'm a little distracted.

jodifur said...

Thanks for your comment on jodifur!