Monday, August 11, 2008

because i apparently pay such close attention...

welcome to post # 102. :) -- duh me.

my weekend:

friday, after two quick errands and nails (seriously cut down, i'm tired of stabbing myself with my talons -- rawr!), i drove to the lovely appleton area. neenah to be exact. my lovely friend silver b just moved into a cute little house with his cousin. they think it's small. HA! i could fit my bed room in their kitchen. hating just a little. anywho... silver b was taking me dancing. not just clubbing either. actual ballroom dancing. at a ballroom! lots of fun. i didn't dance quite as much as i would have liked to, but definitely more than i would at a regular friday night party. two dances with other guys, the rest with b. of course it wasn't until the last dance that i finally start getting his leads better. *sigh* that just means i have to go visit a lot more often. :D and when i finally get to meet his gf (work got in the way this weekend), he'll be totally pimpin'. *snicker*

speed and i saw the dark knight saturday, imax'd. i 'just' caught the trailer for watchmen -- whoa. dk was everything i had hoped for. (to the movie gods above) thank you for not disappointing me. how come everyone didn't like 'the batman' voice? um... you put a suit on like that and expect to talk normally. sheesh. hello, IT FIT THE ROLE. and for those of you who couldn't understand him (i've read blogs that said that?!?!), turn around and tell the amazingly huge people who climbed to the top of the theatre to stop snorting their popcorn so they stop sounding like they're having sex during the movie. duh, sex happens because of batman, not during.

speed is at a work conference in d.c. this week. his plane left freakishly early sunday morning and being the good friend i am, i took him to the airport. we left his place at 5:15am. ugh. the sun was completely up by the time i got home and marti would not stop licking. grr...

my brother was supposed to have moved here back in april. then he was supposed to have moved to texas this weekend. well he's still in northern va. even if it's for a few months, i'd love for him to come here. it's only a little detour... i miss him. a lot. send him love.

i was supposed to have spent the weekend with socrates. i didn't. things are... on hold between us, as usual. as long as he's being honest with me, i'm still cool with things.

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