Tuesday, September 23, 2008

she is SO right...

over at katie i am, she had this post today. wow... that is me for the last 2½ weeks to the T. like exactly. i hate it. i'm utterly disgusted with myself when i'm this way. it's sad, gross, obnoxious and i can't stop it when i want to. which is, by the way, now. five minutes ago. last week. i've made, what i think, are a couple of (hopefully) forgivable mistakes (slight dramatics and a bit of over-reacting). because even if he and i don't work out as a couple, he's still a really cool person and i've had nothing but fun with him. plus... if he still wants, i still want a freaking dance partner and the couple things i've showed him, he's picked up better than anyone i've seen so far. (hmm, possibly bad grammar. whateves, can't care at the moment.) anyway... i'm literally champing at the bit to be patient and give him his "space". not that he asked for it, in so many words, but it's obvious he wants it.

so, on with life. i'm still making my plans. still doing my thing. still going out and seeing my friends (for the record, the friend who introduced us, mine first). turns out the guy who introduced us, he's my new bff. that's right, i said BFF. what are you gonna do about it? nothing, that's right. none of my other bffs are losing their place. they're still my bffs too. he's just the newest one. it's like new shoes. you want to wear them all the time at first. well, i want to hang out with him all the time. i settle for friday nights and some saturday nights. :)

tonight. monkey and i are taking barbie out for her birthday dinner. i'm very excited for it. :D

update: barbie got called into work tonight. hmph. no birthday dinner tonight. SHOESANDSOCKS!


Anonymous said...

:( I'm sorry you're in this weird "place" right now. And I can't decide what's worse: Not having it work out with a dork or not having it work out with a great guy. Either way, you deserve someone who see's that you amazing and you shouldn't settle for anything less. Until then, we can together wonder why this seems to be SO DAMN HARD!

zeghsy said...

thanks. this should not be this hard. *sigh*

Lizzie said...

Oy. Ambiguity. How it sucks.

Is O-Town as in Oshkosh perchance? What a small world is the internet.

Lizzie said...

Onalaska! Adam's from Mosinee, that's where we'll be this weekend!

zeghsy said...

hahaha... no, o-town as in oregon. we're about 20 minutes south of madison.

i've heard of mosinee. i think. have fun. the leaves are just starting
to turn down here so hopefully they're looking lovely there. :)