Thursday, September 25, 2008


i added them. do what you will with them. who knows, maybe i'll actually make enough to help with showcases. :D


Karen said...


Obviously no one reads my blogs because I don't get shit from those ads.

However, I'm expecting an email any day now from Mercedes just dying to have me test their new coupe.

zeghsy said...

gee, i'd be happy to have someone dying for me to test drive (for 5 years) something smaller. a mercedes is a bit much for me. i'm more of a mini cooper/mazada 3 kind of gal anyway.

maybe i'll get lucky with them.

'scuse me, i think i fell over laughing at myself.

Becky said...

Ok girl you need help! You have one TINY little ad. You need more... and bigger.

and Karen is right. google ads don't pay squat. After 7 months of blogging I have a total of $19.37 to show for it. :-)

zeghsy said...

changes will be made.

since a sugar daddy doesn't seem to be in my future, i have to pay for showcase somehow.