Thursday, October 2, 2008

so tired... zzzzz

i did it again. went out on a wednesday night and stayed up FAR too long. in my defense, it was a friend's birthday (happy birthday again sweetie!!!) and there was this amazing musician? performer? live p.a.? i have no idea what the "label" this guy. whatever. i can't care. he was freaking cool. heatbox. this man IS HIS INSTRUMENT. he beat boxes and everything (and i mean EVERYTHING) he did last night he made it all with his voice. i bought his cd. with my last $10. until tomorrow. but still. that means, i'm more than likely going without lunch today. i'll live. i'm so grooving to the music. trying to figure out which song i want to dance to. all of them?

plus i got to hang out with my bff and he's just fun.

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