Thursday, October 2, 2008

save the boobies! (part deux?)

the amazing and ever so lovely mrs. hot has kindly reminded all of us (okay, just me) that october is breast cancer awareness month. knowing many people who are fans of the boobies (and having some that certain people seem to enjoy quite a bit AND having used mine to feed a certain monkey) i thought it was a great idea to spread the information far and wide. okay, just to you. plus, because she's so awesome ree is doing a contest. i mean, really... a contest! there's pink all over and ribbons and pink and stuff and did i mention the pink?

in honor of this month, i've changed things here. you know, to make it pinker. because really, can one have too much pink? i didn't think so.


Ree said...

Thanks sweetie!!! Much love to you and yours!

zeghsy said...

of course!