Monday, September 22, 2008

which classic 1930's actress are you?

You are the essence of desire. Gregarious as you are enticing, both men and women find you irresistible. Well-rounded you have a barrage of interests and abilities. And while you enjoy working hard when you have to, there's nothing you look forward to more than having a good time. You have a natural proclivity for making other people feel at ease and in doing so you often like to show them a good time as well. ;) Your sense of style is diverse--sometimes you prefer the simplicity of suits and ties, and other times you enjoy playing the glamour queen. No matter what part you play however, you always have your priorities straight--you put your family and friends first. There is nothing in the world that means more to you than them.

super kawaii mama had this quiz on her blog today. these quizzes i love! i guess i don't know enough about marlene dietrich to know if this is right or not, but the description sure seems to fit.

your turn and let me know! which classic 1930's actress are you?


for a different kind of girl said...

Apparenty I am Barbara Stanwyck --Ghetto superstar that is what you are, coming from afar, reaching for the stars... You are a citygirl at heart and your perseverence and sunny outlook on life are 2 of your most powerful attributes. Your loyalty and diligent nature should not be taken lightly either, and your easygoing demeanor helps you win friends wherever you go. However, that's not to say you let people take advantage of you. An attempt in doing so will result in your personal vendetta against them...maybe even for life. But with those you do get along with, you are a good listener, trustworthy confidant, and adored beyond words. Often times around your pals you're wild and crazy, but more reserved and even shy with your acquaintances and those you've only recently met. You're a very versatile actress, perhaps even the most versatile actress of all time, whom everyone, even your adversaries greatly respect.

I don't know about that sunny outlook on life all the time, but I suppose the rest of that assessment isn't bad.

Oh, look! That was sort of a cloudy outlook!

zeghsy said...

hahaha! your cloudy outlook, my cloudy day. :)