Thursday, July 31, 2008

irritations of today

my co-worker and i (for all intents and purposes) share one office. there is a door between us, but having it closed would end up recquiring a far lengthier explanation then i ever want to deal with. however when i'm in a bad mood, which i seem to sadly be in today, i want for him to just be quiet and/or stay away. instead, i get to hear him be a complete dick to someone because the system that answers and routes his call to a particular mobile phone company takes too long. it's not their fault he doesn't know how to send photos from the phone to someone's email. (it is work related.) if it's not exactly like jm wants it, it must be all wrong. today, 'pal' you're a jackass.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


what the?!? no thank you. that just makes my uterus hurt more than it already does. sheesh...

and just a show of hands... how many of you have had to make that frantic (and embarrassing) trip to the store quick for a change of panties? i just did that today. ugh. so not cool.

*sorry guys.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

happy birthday!

today is socrates birthday. no not THE socrates, my socrates. both really cool guys, i just know mine a little better. plus he's not, you know, dead. i called this morning to wish him a happy birthday. i woke him up. oops. i know he went back to sleep. i'm excited. i saw him saturday. and i get to see him again in 17 days. that's when he'll get his birthday present. i still have to figure out what that's going to be. i also need to be smart. i need pictures of him.

Monday, July 21, 2008

weekend recap

friday, dress rehearsal. i think i stopped shaking after drink 5. i was at the bar by then. *sigh* but i got to see two good friends that i haven't seen in a while, and flirted shamelessly with my favorite bartender. since it's mutual flirting, it's lots of fun. :) it never hurts that he loves knowing i ballroom dance. who'd have thought that's such a turn-on for a non-dancer? stayed up way too late talking with him.

saturday. at bar time friday, i'd gotten a text from socrates saying that he was coming to see his family and wanted to see me. i spent the day sleeping and drove to mineral point to see him that night. it's SO SO SO nice to show my rehearsal video of my foxtrot to him. i get 6 years of teaching ballroom advice, all to myself. tips shared: look in the direction of my traveling spins, keep my head outside partner (almost) in my pivots, core core core. did i mention he said to keep my core toned? coz he mentioned it. nothing like getting pointers in teeny bar in mineral point, wi. we gave them something to talk about though. :) food for conversation.

sunday. slept again most of the day. i didn't get home until 4:30 in the morning. speed called when he got home from his tubing trip with his cousin. he was hungry. after being awake for about 5 minutes, i discovered i was too. grabbed some eats. sir hobo's is not as bad as the name would make you think. watched 300. violent. but yummy digitally enhanced bods.

now i'm suffering for my play. i'm so tired and my sinuses are killing me. oh well. i can rest when i'm dead. :D

Friday, July 18, 2008

check it out

unless you're a creepy grossy stalker person. then stay away.

my monkey has a blog. well, we have a blog. it's hers, but i'm the responsible adult in charge. yah, whatever.

it's my turn to talk

be nice, she's my girl.

theatre geeks

last night monkey and i went to janesville to see joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat with nana. great show. the cast was really good. we particularly enjoyed joseph (robert mentele). so much so that monkey wanted his autograph and a picture with him. :)

she really liked him.

in her defense, this guy has a great voice and will hopefully make something of himself. he just graduated magna cum laude from uw-whitewater with a degree in theatre design technology. good luck robert! (nana can attest to it being hard to be theatre major. she got her bachelor degree in theatre. i remember getting these lovely sparklie silver shoes after beauty and the beast was over. best dress up shoes ever.)

congratulations to cast and crew of joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat on your opening night. break a leg on the rest of the show!

i'm hoping to be able to get her interested in other theatre as well. we're going to see if she wants to try out for next summer's show. :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

out of the woodwork

standing outside the studio tonight, chatting with loud, (omg i love her bicycle!) when who pulls up but the sergeant. i haven't seen him in forever. wow... he's redeploying in a few months. more worry.

socrates called saturday night. he didn't sound good. i hope he talks about it with me. i worry about him. a lot. i think he forgets how important to me he is. i can understand. he's dealing with a lot of things. stuff i wish i could just make go away for him. i know he has to do it himself. but i'm not sure how often i'm allowed to remind him, i want to hold his hand so he knows he's not alone. plus opposite shifts and being two hours apart ($4.07 a gallon! wtf!) doesn't make it easier.

speed and i went to the art fair on the square, saturday. we made it through most of it before we decided we were done. i bought my mom a mug. pink. with a flamingo. she'll love it. :) we looked a lots and lots of very cool stuff. we definitely like the photographers the best. then i made him go to the cardinal with me. he was reluctant at first but we ended up having a great time. i was good and remembered to introduce him to everyone. i'm usually really bad at that. the fun continued... sunday after lunch, we took what ended up being a 3 hour nap. WHEW!


a box came for me today.

guess where it was from.

guess what was in it.

needless to say, i'm ecstatic. they took so long, and now they're finally here. i love them.

(yes, i'm sleeping with them tonight. just like the kids do.)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

ma shoes!

they're coming. FINALLY! i was lucky enough to win a $100 gift certificate to this spring. it took me close to two weeks to decide what i wanted. i hadn't really thought i was in the market for shoes at the time. ballroom shoes being rather expensive, i've been trying to actually wear mine out first.

these shoes? these shoes are a special yummy summer treat. hopefully in time for showcase!
i figured that at some point, i would own red dance shoes. the free-ness of them just made it happen that much faster.

these babies however, i know i would have never bought them on my own. these are my super awesome special yummy FREE shoes. these are what make me want to sing maestro c. from dancesavvy's praise.

i can't wait for them to arrive. believe me, you'll know when they do. there will be photos!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

knitty nation

knitting 004, originally uploaded by zeghsy.

i kept typing knitty instead of knitting everytime i've tried to type about this. sheesh! my first attempt. monkey taught me. i'm stoked. i can knit.

lots of mistakes and do-overs, but i've been dying to knit since i started reading verypink.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

happy birthday monkey!

today is monkey's birthday. she turns 11. so far, 11 isn't bugging me. though it has only been a few hours since 11 has been awake. 11 also looks amazingly just like 10 did last night. still not showered. why do they do that and when can i start to expect to have to kick her out of the bathroom? in any case, she was excited to bring cupcakes to her summer school classes this morning (fun ones, the classes and the cupcakes) to share with her mates. tonight our plans will include eating more cupcakes, some fried chicken, and just generally having fun. oh, and a shower for her.