Friday, February 6, 2009

holy creepiness dude!

valentine wedding present cake by Manassas Cakery

a former friend showed up at my dance studio one evening in september last year. i hadn't spoken to him (email, text msging, in person) in around 6 months and he just shows up. with a birthday present for me. my birthday is in june. he brought me a hello kitty necklace. i love hello kitty, so at least he had been paying attention. though i already had that one. it still sits in the box he gave it to me in. i won't wear it. i stopped talking to him because his behavior was making me uncomfortable. case in point, showing up, uninvited, to my dance studio. i haven't talked to him since. he did approach me once at a bar while i was with friends. he asked to speak to me and i let him know anything he wanted to say could be said in front of my friends (no way was i leaving with him). he found this unacceptable and stormed off. needless to say, i don't miss him. he creeps me out. ick.


Sizzle said...

Seriously creepy. Smart thinking avoiding him.

zeghsy said...

sadly that wasn't the first instance of creepy. i've been avoiding him for quite some time.