Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In defense of my vice: dancing

Tango Lessons in the Living Room by mrk_photo

i started ballet when i was 5. my mom had taken me to see the nutcracker and i fell in love. i wanted to be the sugar plum fairy. she was so awesome. fast forward to age 13 (where everyone gets stupid) and i decide i don't want to dance anymore. (dumb dumb dumb.) fast forward some more to 34 and i finally talk a boyfriend into taking ballroom lessons with me. dump him, but continue the lessons on my own. i'm addicted. and i'm not quitting. ever. it is the air i breathe, my expression, my life. never quitting. nope. never.

edit: dang it plinky. this is posted twice. grr!


Karen said...

I want to take lessons SO badly. I can't afford it at the moment, but I'd especially love to do it in prep for our upcoming wedding.

You GO girl!

zeghsy said...

check and see. my studio offers a pretty fat discount for wedding couples. if you two have any rhythm and sense of timing, you should be able to pick up a few patterns and practice them enough that you aren't just stuck with "the high school sway". it should only take 4 or 5 lessons, if you can pick that up fairly easy.