Thursday, June 5, 2008

gone on holiday

the monkey left for her summer holiday to montana. i dropped her off at grandma's early this afternoon, helped pack their car, gave hugs, kisses, more hugs, and didn't cry about my baby going away for ten whole entire days until just a little bit ago. there will be more tears later, i'm sure. her brand new baby cousin was born last night at 9:16 mtn time. monkey's dad sent me a picture of her. she's beautiful. so of course i made sure that monkey had plenty of memory to take zillions of pictures of her. i want eleventy billion, but i'll settle for one or two. books were sent along with her. books for monkey to read AND books for monkey to read to little k. grandma has gobs of clothes for her. we're the book people. we give books. the same four books too. all our favorites. goodnight moon. big red barn. guess how much i love you. (that's my particular favorite, monkey always knows i really mean it when i tell her "to the moon and back.") and the monkey's very favorite, i love you as much. we read those every night at bed time. long after she could read them herself. now we read them to make ourselves feel better. i may just have storytime before bed tonight. :)


Becky said...

Awww. Those are such great books! I love people who gives books as gifts. Instead of Nerf Guns! sigh.

Go out and have a great time... You're FREE for a little bit, right?

Sarah said...

Nothing makes me want to get knocked up more then the kid section at a bookstore. Seriously, love kid books. I read the one by Madonna to my friend's daughter the other night. It was adorable.