Wednesday, June 25, 2008

tick tock

tomorrow is my birthday. i love my birthday. i do not want my birthday to end up in tears (unless they're the good ones). last year, my co-workers gave me a hello kitty watch that i wore until it literally fell apart. i'm still looking for a watchband to replace the broken one.

i'm uploading the photos i took at showcase. it's taking forever. mostly because i can't get them to upload. some will upload. others won't. *sigh* huge pain in my ass! and everyone wants copies of their photos. yesterday. two days ago if that works for you. omg. not one of them had a camera out. DUH! please notice that there is not a single photo of me from ANY of our parties. why? why you ask... because i seem to be the only one taking any stupid photos. hmph. makes me want to stop. except that i get a slightly sick glee from taking gobs of photos of theresa and hillary and the rest of the gang. especially when theresa freaks out that i'm taking too many photos of her. please, i delete half of them only because you blinked, or i don't like the way your mouth is making that weird shape, or someone bumped me or someone else is asking me to dance (FINALLY!) and i moved the camera as i snapped the photo.


i am the diva said...

Happy Birthday TOMORROW!! Thanks for visiting my blog, please come back anytime!

I have the same problem with photos... there are literally hundreds of photos of everyone i know, except me... for the same reason - i'm the one holding the camera.

have a great bday!!

zeghsy said...

thank you! :)

loud said...

Thanks for taking pictures. BTW, when I take pictures, there are MANY of you...and you always look good...bitch.

Happy Birthday!

Becky said...


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Elwood said...

I comment on your blog page now!

You have happy birthday now!

I think I'm going insane! (Now!)