Wednesday, June 18, 2008

that's "ms. top solo" to you

here she is ladies and gents. loud, in all her top solo glory. that's right, our very own loud won top solo out of 30 some solos on saturday at the badger state ballroom competition & showcase at con safos in mcfarland, wi. the venue was a last minute change, but they took it all in stride and did a wonderful job considering we were their first big event. ever. seriously. coqui (and i have NO IDEA if i'm spelling that correctly -- major apologies!) did an amazing job and a couple of us managed to coax him out on the dance floor. love watching him salsa. he needs work on his waltz, but it was his first time, so he's totally excused.

i danced with pants from uwgb. yum.
"what is this song?" "it's a hustle." "we'll do a rumba." "huh? okay." bam! double spin!! "hustle it is!" hahaha... don't listen to the pretty girl who knows her hustles. whateves. it was still an awesome hustle. i promise, more dancing next time!!!

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loud said...

Thanks for the shout out.