Friday, June 13, 2008

pardon my language

holy fucking stupid traffic! four cars and a semi. fires. med flight. all at the hwy 151/i 39/90 interchange. i 39/90 closed. all ramps closed. traffic fucked everywhere.

i'm on E. the crap petrol station i stopped at DIDN'T have my favorite energy drink or ANY decent selection. and the attendant spoke to me. other than giving me my total, don't speak to me until i've ingested a decent amount of caffeine AND it's after 9:30 am. unless we're having sex. if we have sex, you're excused from that rule.

saving grace: the amazingly good luck to pull up to the intersection to attempt to turn left back onto hwy 12/18, and the sheriff (dude, i could kiss you on the mouth. with tongue. seriously.) stops traffic to let us out. thank you so much. i'm just sorry our moment was ruined by that jackass who has no idea how to merge into shitty traffic. it would have been earthshaking.

all said, it took me an hour to make a normally 20 minute drive (less if i'm in a mood).

*wow, i didn't swear as much as i thought i would. yay me.

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Pete Dunn said...

You didn't swear as much as I HOPED you would ;)