Tuesday, June 24, 2008


last night the monkey asked me if i knew what i was getting her for her birthday (july 1). like a good mother, i lied. well, i lied a little. i found her a present already. but only one. not to fear, she's made a list. she's concerned, as the list is only seven items long, and she knows far more than seven people. now, if only that worked. i'd have always gotten a lot of presents.

saturday, i got to be speed's first passenger on his bike. it's sexy. it's hot. more to the point, it's fast. when we got back to his place, he asked if i wanted to know our top speed. i said no, thinking ignorance is bliss. he told me anyway. we topped out at omg i was happy not knowing now i think i feel a little ill. that fast. then he indulged me by actually accompanying me into a claire's. i bought a hello kitty ring. he didn't vomit or pass out. i like this man, speed.