Wednesday, June 25, 2008

tick tock

tomorrow is my birthday. i love my birthday. i do not want my birthday to end up in tears (unless they're the good ones). last year, my co-workers gave me a hello kitty watch that i wore until it literally fell apart. i'm still looking for a watchband to replace the broken one.

i'm uploading the photos i took at showcase. it's taking forever. mostly because i can't get them to upload. some will upload. others won't. *sigh* huge pain in my ass! and everyone wants copies of their photos. yesterday. two days ago if that works for you. omg. not one of them had a camera out. DUH! please notice that there is not a single photo of me from ANY of our parties. why? why you ask... because i seem to be the only one taking any stupid photos. hmph. makes me want to stop. except that i get a slightly sick glee from taking gobs of photos of theresa and hillary and the rest of the gang. especially when theresa freaks out that i'm taking too many photos of her. please, i delete half of them only because you blinked, or i don't like the way your mouth is making that weird shape, or someone bumped me or someone else is asking me to dance (FINALLY!) and i moved the camera as i snapped the photo.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


last night the monkey asked me if i knew what i was getting her for her birthday (july 1). like a good mother, i lied. well, i lied a little. i found her a present already. but only one. not to fear, she's made a list. she's concerned, as the list is only seven items long, and she knows far more than seven people. now, if only that worked. i'd have always gotten a lot of presents.

saturday, i got to be speed's first passenger on his bike. it's sexy. it's hot. more to the point, it's fast. when we got back to his place, he asked if i wanted to know our top speed. i said no, thinking ignorance is bliss. he told me anyway. we topped out at omg i was happy not knowing now i think i feel a little ill. that fast. then he indulged me by actually accompanying me into a claire's. i bought a hello kitty ring. he didn't vomit or pass out. i like this man, speed.

Friday, June 20, 2008

i think it's safe...

to start the countdown. for my birthday that is! okay. i get excited about my birthday every year. and for as long as i can remember, it's been a bit of a let down. which sucks. though now the monkey puts serious thought into what she'd like to do for me and what she can actually accomplish. no matter what, i love whatever she does/gets for me. in the fatter years, she "borrows" money and gets me a little something. in the lean ones, she always makes me something fabulous. she's my monkey. she could pick up a rock she finds interesting and give it to me. i'll put it on my dresser/bring it to work/lug it around in my purse for months because i love it because it's from her.

there are a number of things i'd like for my birthday. things that i won't get/won't happen. what i'll be happy to get/have happen. hugs and kisses from my monkey. and a few really fun hustles at dance the following night. maybe drinks with everyone afterward. :)

we're getting a what?!

apparently o-town is getting a hotel. i want a dance floor so we can have ballroom competitions here. please. thank you.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

that's "ms. top solo" to you

here she is ladies and gents. loud, in all her top solo glory. that's right, our very own loud won top solo out of 30 some solos on saturday at the badger state ballroom competition & showcase at con safos in mcfarland, wi. the venue was a last minute change, but they took it all in stride and did a wonderful job considering we were their first big event. ever. seriously. coqui (and i have NO IDEA if i'm spelling that correctly -- major apologies!) did an amazing job and a couple of us managed to coax him out on the dance floor. love watching him salsa. he needs work on his waltz, but it was his first time, so he's totally excused.

i danced with pants from uwgb. yum.
"what is this song?" "it's a hustle." "we'll do a rumba." "huh? okay." bam! double spin!! "hustle it is!" hahaha... don't listen to the pretty girl who knows her hustles. whateves. it was still an awesome hustle. i promise, more dancing next time!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

long lost friends

so i screamed when she walked in the door. i was afraid she'd forgotten about me or didn't need me anymore, or worse. barbie is back. and this time i'm not letting her go again.

Monday, June 16, 2008

so tired

last week kicked my ass. not enough sleep and so much work to be done, i ended up missing the beautiful weather yesterday. but it made for one of the best naps i've ever had.

Friday, June 13, 2008

pardon my language

holy fucking stupid traffic! four cars and a semi. fires. med flight. all at the hwy 151/i 39/90 interchange. i 39/90 closed. all ramps closed. traffic fucked everywhere.

i'm on E. the crap petrol station i stopped at DIDN'T have my favorite energy drink or ANY decent selection. and the attendant spoke to me. other than giving me my total, don't speak to me until i've ingested a decent amount of caffeine AND it's after 9:30 am. unless we're having sex. if we have sex, you're excused from that rule.

saving grace: the amazingly good luck to pull up to the intersection to attempt to turn left back onto hwy 12/18, and the sheriff (dude, i could kiss you on the mouth. with tongue. seriously.) stops traffic to let us out. thank you so much. i'm just sorry our moment was ruined by that jackass who has no idea how to merge into shitty traffic. it would have been earthshaking.

all said, it took me an hour to make a normally 20 minute drive (less if i'm in a mood).

*wow, i didn't swear as much as i thought i would. yay me.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

gone on holiday

the monkey left for her summer holiday to montana. i dropped her off at grandma's early this afternoon, helped pack their car, gave hugs, kisses, more hugs, and didn't cry about my baby going away for ten whole entire days until just a little bit ago. there will be more tears later, i'm sure. her brand new baby cousin was born last night at 9:16 mtn time. monkey's dad sent me a picture of her. she's beautiful. so of course i made sure that monkey had plenty of memory to take zillions of pictures of her. i want eleventy billion, but i'll settle for one or two. books were sent along with her. books for monkey to read AND books for monkey to read to little k. grandma has gobs of clothes for her. we're the book people. we give books. the same four books too. all our favorites. goodnight moon. big red barn. guess how much i love you. (that's my particular favorite, monkey always knows i really mean it when i tell her "to the moon and back.") and the monkey's very favorite, i love you as much. we read those every night at bed time. long after she could read them herself. now we read them to make ourselves feel better. i may just have storytime before bed tonight. :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

nom nom nom

so blogger ate my last post. which is probably just as well. i was bitching. nothing new there.

tonight we're gearing up for monkey's trip to montana for forever two weeks ten days. it's a flurry of laundry, packing, remembering something, re-packing, remembering something else, tears, etc... you know, the fun part about going on a trip. after i get done tonight, there will be a glass of wine. if i don't fall down first. otherwise, i'm waiting until after dance tomorrow night.

Monday, June 2, 2008

happy birthday!

today is my mum's birthday. i love her. lots and lots. and because i love her, i won't put a picture up of her. she'd just get mad. :D

also, today is loud's birthday. she is a hoot and a half! easily... i can't wait to see her at dance tonight for birthday hugs.

happy birthday ladies. have a great one!